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Screenplay and treatment for a minority female-lead thriller-horror, based on an original idea by Anthony S. Clark and Troy G. Fohrman.

A ghost story that takes you where you hope to never be. Don’t go into the light…

Even ghosts have nightmares.

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Circle Point Cover

Circle Point

Circle Point is a one-act play written by Kyle Fohrman and David DeCorso as students for their local theatre troupe. The work revolves around the character of Kate, an aspiring actor who is taken to a class with the once-famous Will Matheson- star of the eponymous television crime drama- by her mother, Chris.

This play was performed at the 2017 Florida State Thespians One-Act Competition, where it earned a Double Superior rating- the highest distinction offered.

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Buy US War Bonds Cover

Buy US War Bonds

Based on notes from the late Kay Nylen Fohrman, Buy US War Bonds brings to mind golden-age salutes and appeals to the nation's armed forces. A perfect choice for grandparents looking to read to young children, as well as for children of military families.

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