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About Troy

Troy Fohrman is a recognized industry expert for:

Troy's intellectual properties have been used as the foundation for three (3) successful start-up entities:

  1. One profitably operating today, 12 years after founding.

  2. One acquired by the Woodman Family Trust (terms are not in the public domain).

  3. Sutures, LLC. Established for the feature film of the same name, which was successfully- and profitably- monetized beginning Q2, 2009 until the LLC closed in July 2012.

He also successfully led a pre-Series A funding close for a 4th business entity, US Protein & Enzyme, Inc. ("USPE"). Seed funding from Greenfield Energy in 2011 was secured to fund a university partnership Troy negotiated, to commercialize the University of Central Florida-developed Chloroplast Transformation Technology ("CTT"). Following cultivation at scale, the CTT platform produced 1/20th of advertised yields resulting in the Company's dissolution.

Six of his books have been published through Roundtable Publishing, and have been in circulation since 1999.

Troy's greatest achievements are his three sons Tyler, Kyle, and Jacob Fohrman, all of whom are successful in their own rights.

    His current projects are in stealth mode. Have something cool to show him, or just want to make a connection in the industry? Reach out today!

    True Story

    Like tens of thousands of Americans who live on the west coast, I visited Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico (aka Mexico's wine country) for an extended weekend. While in Mexico, the local cartel successfully broke into my Mercedes and stashed over 70 pounds of fentanyl and a tracking device into the undercarriage, which was promptly discovered upon my return through the US border.

    I have been cleared of any wrongdoing (known as a “Blind Mule”), with search engine results apparently only willing to reflect the arrest at the border and not the court's subsequent dismissal (view here!) and the situation's resolution. A case of extraordinarily-bad luck, which will make an interesting chapter in my autobiography one day.

    Ask me about it! It's certainly an interesting story, now that everything is behind me.

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